Testosterone is the primary male androgen (male sex hormone) and is classed as an anabolic (mass building) steroid (lipid based hormonal messenger). In men, testosterone plays a critical role in the maturation, differentiation and development of reproductive tissues (e.g. the testis and prostate gland) whilst it also serves to promote masculine secondary sexual characteristics such as increased bone mass, muscle mass and the promotion of the growth of bodily hair.1 Testosterone also plays
many key roles in day to day health as well as having strong psychophysiological effects on mood, drive, motivation, sexual behavior, competitiveness, aggression and social feedback mechanisms. It can essentially be considered as a ‘biosocial’ biochemical messenger molecule with far reaching effects on men’s (and women’s) health and wellbeing.
2Testosterone levels typically decline with age and these lower levels are linked to a number of health risk factors as will be discussed later on in this section.



In this short book we are going to give you the manly tools to naturally boost your testosterone in quick effective and unusual ways – some work in fewer than two minutes, some take longer but with powerful results; be assured, all of them work. Part 1 of this book “The Biology of Testosterone” sends you back to school so that you can relearn
about testosterone and its marvelous ability to transform you into the man you once were. Testosterone is an androgen, which means that it is literally a “man maker”. So, to cover the ground,
the theory, the biology and the basis, we briefly cover what you need to know about this natural endogenous wonder-steroid in order to make use of our power methods. Once you’re done with Part 1, then you can begin the business of learning epic strategies to raise your testosterone naturally – This we do in Part 2.
Part 2 covers ten unusual yet potent, natural and effective methods for putting you back in the driving seat. The aim of our methods is to increase your drive, protect you from the hazards of wimping out into old age, and freeing you from dwindling levels of testosterone and all the health risks associated with that. The methods work; they’re natural, effective and unusual and could change you in ways you might never have imagined possible. You can look forward to mastering these scientifically backed
strategies that make use of wine, posture and business acumen to help you reclaim the vigor of youth – by boosting your testosterone levels. Are you ready to begin? Of course you are! No self-respecting power-player would wimp out now. We wish you all the success that you could ever dare to claim as your own


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